On FIA, CVC, Bernie and the teams (Recipe for F1 Survival)

F1 needs a very clever cost cap system AND a fair prize money distribution.

FIA is a non-sense organization incapable of implementing the rules that matter (cost cap). But are willing to change rules on a yearly basis and even at mid-season, depriving the teams, fans and even sponsors of a more stable entourage. Last year changing the tyre construction at mid-season, affecting teams like Force India, supposedly on “safety grounds”. This year it was the BRIC system, which affected Lotus most of all. Then, banning radio coaching (positive, but really not implemented fully until 2015). What on Earth Todt is there for? A continous change of rules misleads fans and worse, those sudden changes mean more expenses.

Does F1 really needed a radical engine and energy recovery system implementation from one year to the next one? Could it have been done progressively mantaining a fair competition, keeping an eye on costs and at the same time developing future technologies? Well, the answer is some manufacturers like Mercedes and Renault threatened to abandon the sport if the changes were not implemented, because their business agenda on road-cars is toward smaller engines, hybrid tech and fuel efficiency. Once again the FIA hand was bended by the powerful teams.
Result: super expensive new generation power units for most teams and implementation of new areas within teams to look after fuel delivery and consumption, energy recovery and storage, along with their corresponding hardware and manpower. Where is the cost cut policy here?
*Lets not forget here the double points agreement for the Abu Dhabi GP which raises the availability of points teams can achieve, reflecting negatively, for next year’s team admissions fee based on amount of points won in 2014. At a rate of 1000 USD per point, Mercedes will obtain nearly 700 points, thus their entrance fee will be around 700,000 USD. The double-points profanity will cash the FIA aproximately an extra 100,000 USD! Where is the cost cut policy here? Teams win FOM prize money for their overall championship standing not for each point obtained. See the unfairness?

CVC: This organization along with Bernie are the ones to blame for the current financial crisis among back and midfielders. CVC/FOM are the pirates. They take away from teams what should belong to the ones putting the show. At least a fairer share. They rip promoters and organisers with the race fee. This directly translates into expensive tickets and it is well known how race organisers struggle to cover the fee. What’s worse, most of the money CVC gets doesn’t reinvest in the sport. So, it is not properly a sport, but a show business. Money matters, money talks.
FIA and teams must get rid of these two. The sooner the better.
*Bernie has done an invaluable labour over nearly 40 years to showcase a global sport into the most exotic and sometimes impossible markets. Provided financial structure, marketing, branding and created a very succesful business model. Unfortunately for F1, the current model is obsolete and it endangers its own future. Not for Ecclestone’s and the CVC shareholders, obviously.

TEAMS: There’s hope when the top-4 could agree on the basics of F1 we could really go back (not necessarily a step backwards) to a more healthy and competitive era. To make F1 so attractive and affordable that could see the return (or debut) of big names, Toyota, BMW, Porsche, Ford, Mitsubishi, Mazda to mention just a few. Forget 3-car teams! F1 doesn’t need podiums monopolised by a single team. What about a 26-28 car grid? This year we could have had an equalised grid with a ballast handicap system. Or a GP2-style reverse starting grid. The options are many, but the big teams selfishness apparently is greater. Someone has to give.

RULES: Discard these eco-racing Formula that limits true racing at its highest level. Get rid of the absurd DRS aid. Reconfigure some tracks to allow overtaking. Return to multi-brand tyre availability or allow refuelling. Supress night races to promote energy saving. Sunlight is free! Dramatic emphasis on mechanical grip over aero. Aero friendly cars that allow slip-streaming.

Let’s make FIA, teams, CVC and Bernie know what we, fans, desire. True and pure racing. Ultimately, they race with our money, through revenues or direct payments or whatever. Without fans there’s no show…



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